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Huge Prize Pools

TopBetta gave away more money than ever in 2015 (over $3M) and this year we plan to do the same. Make sure your clients are aware of our huge weekly cash pools.

Build your Audience

By utilising TopBetta’s tournaments you can ensure that you reap the benefits and watch your audience increase. Affiliates worldwide are seeing their clients grow exponentially.

Drive Engagement

With huge cash pools available to clients each weekend and with special six figure competitions throughout the year you can ensure that your client base is fully engaged.

Tournament Calendar

Ensure maximum exposure for all TopBetta’s massive cash pool tournaments direct to your clients with our exclusive Tournament Calendar.

Custom Integration

Plug our tournaments directly into your site with a custom integration pack designed to directly fit your site or platform.

Private Tournaments

Create exclusive VIP private tournaments to engage your own database and monetise your own sites. Racing and sports tournaments tailored t your specific needs.

About TopBetta

TopBetta launched in 2010 and has been one of the most unique offerings on the Australian online gaming market, in part due to its growing betting tournament product which has offered six-figure prize pools.

Engage in major global sporting events as online tournaments such as the NRL, AFL, English Premier League, American National Football League and Indian Premier League cricket.

All you have to do is promote the tournaments on your site and watch as your traffic earns you money.

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